Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know what I need?

You come into our office for a consult with a skin care specialist. At this time you will sit down and talk about your concerns and possible treatments.

What is a consult?

A consult is basically a discussion between the skin care specialist and the client of realistic results that care be obtained from the centers treatments. A Face or Body Mapping will be done that consist of vitals, weight, measurements, and a skin examination that in turns determines your treatment regimen.

What makes us different than the rest?

Revive treats the person and body as a whole. We make sure your healthy from the inside out and monitor you throughout your entire treatment to make sure you maintain your desired look.

How do I know how many treatments I may need?

Your skin care specialist has had enough training that they can estimate how many individual treatments or packages are needed for your desired results.

Is there any down time from any of the body, face, or health treatments?

No down time required from any of our treatments. You can continue your day as if nothing has occurred.

When doing the Vanquish treatment am I naked for the procedure?

No! Depending on the area being treated you may wear a wrap for the arm or leg area to be accessible, for the abdomen area we may just have you to pull up your top to gain access to the area. It depends on the treatment area being worked on, but you are not naked nor exposed completely at any time.

What should I expect when doing a Protégé Treatment?

Protégé is a noninvasive, pain free, skin tightening treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten and tone the skin and muscles, and dissolves fat tissue. Your face and neck may experience a warning sensation, and skin tightening, with a relaxing touch similar to a facial massage, and can be used on any part of the body.

Does Réjuvapen hurt?

Réjuvapen does not hurt, in fact you cant even feel the needles ,and we use a topical numbing cream but you can feel the vibration from the device. The depth of the needles are controlled by your skin care provider who has been trained on depth perceptions of face mapping.

Can I buy a package of treatments?

Most definitely! Any treatment can be made into a package!

Will I have any discomfort from the Vanquish Treatment?

If you do all your pre and post treatment care your experience should go smoothly. You may experience hot spots from the machines process of melting your fat cells but its easily corrected by stating to your skin care specialist that your experiencing a hot spot. At that time they will readjust the machines position or adjust the power settings to make you comfortable. After the treatment you may continue on with your daily routine, if you run or exercise continue.

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