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Michael S. Mayron, M.D.

Michael S. Mayron, M.D. is a Board Certified Neurologist. Treating the whole person and often their family members who are also their caregivers has always been his standard. In his over forty years of practice he is frequently evaluating and treating pain. He has found the Z Wave (Sound Wave deep tissue massage), the newest medical device from Germany, to be far more effective to treat areas too large for a single injection to treat. “It is more effective than cortisone injections and the relief lasts longer.”

Lifting and moving another person over and over everyday is hard work. Muscles will get strained. Back and shoulder pain is the most common complaint and it gives us great joy to see that pain gone in ten minutes without injections or pills. Very commonly Dr. Mayron treats depression along with the neurological problems of the the patient. Appearance is often tied up with self-esteem and mood. Services such Vanquish (Radio Frequency fat cell destruction), Protege Elite (Radio Frequency skin tightening), Protege Intima (RF therapy for incontinence) and others, along with filler injections make a big difference in how the patient looks and feels about herself or himself.

Dr. Mayron also provides space for our country’s veterans to meet and share their traumatic war experiences in an effort to help each other to heal. In addition he also hosts Music for Dementia to help stimulate memory for those suffering from Alzheimers and other cognitive impairments.


Whitney Gabhart, N.D.

Whitney Gabhart, N.D. is an Educational Consultants to licensed physicians. Dr. Gabhart focuses on wellness, beauty, weight-loss and anti-aging strategies for men and women. She was trained in England and focuses endocrinology. She has done extensive studies and research over her many years of practice and is known worldwide for her work. As a Naturopath, Whitney believes education is a central key to beauty and wellness. She provides regular seminars and workshops on relevant health and beauty topics. “Be beautiful inside and out!”


Christine Mayron, Director and Therapist

Christine Mayron has owned and operated several businesses over the years. She was often required to deal with people on an intimate level and this gave her insight into the personal lives of women and men from all walks of life. She is acutely aware of men’s and women’s perceptions of themselves and how important appearance is to self-esteem and mood. She is especially trained in the application of Radio Frequency and Sound Wave therapies as well as micro needle therapy (Rejuvapen) for promotion of collagen, hair growth applications and diminishing stretch marks and scars. For her, Revive permits us to help heal the body, mind and spirit. “From taking away frown lines to our Music for Dementia we are here to make everyone feel better. There is nothing like a smile, except maybe genuine laughter, which you will hear a lot of in our yoga classes!”


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